Help your pets get used to the new home

  • 07.July 2019
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Moving to a new home is pretty high on the life event stress-scale and animals, as well, can be very nervous about it. Some pets, such as fish and birds, adjust to the new environment quickly because they don’t change their “home”, only the surrounding, while other pets need more time to accept the new home.

Take your pet to the new apartment before you move in

Take your pet with you to “inspect” the new home and slowly starts getting used to the area. This will make the smells and environment already familiar when you finally move in and your pet will feel more “at home”.

Help your pet investigate the house

After you move in, take your pet to the tour of the house and show him every room instead of letting him explore on his own. Then show him the area that’s only his, with his toys, food & water bowls and his favorite blanket. Try not to change your pet’s old habits so the whole transition process is not too stressful for them.

Exploring the neighborhood

Take your pet for a walk whenever you can, so he could get familiar with the new smells. Changing the walking route regularly will help him orient himself and memorize the way home, in case he gets lost. Keep your dog at leash in the beginning because he might run away looking for his old home.

Old habits, new home

Cats are, in general, more attached to the territory than dogs, which makes the adjustment to the new home more difficult. Find a quiet spot in the new apartment and place your cat there. Give it some time to adjust to the new area – your cat will start exploring the new home when it feels safe.

Even though you will have many things on your mind when transitioning to the new property, keep in mind that your pets will need your attention which will help them get used tot he new area. Don’t leave them home alone in the first days and give them enough time to adjust to all the changes.