How to prepare your home for sale

  • 26.March 2019
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If you’re planning to sell your home, here are some tips to help you prepare your home for sale.

Make a buyer feel welcome

First impression can ‘make it or break it’, so a clean and tidy front is very important. Paint the front door and clean the front yard, mow the grass, trim the hedge, weed the flower beds and clear out the walkway. Freshen up and repair the roof, exterior light fixtures,  doorbell, and change the doormat… Make anyone entering your home feel pleasant.

Let it shine

Paint the walls and deep clean the carpets to make the rooms look clean and fresh. Add a fresh coat of paint over white walls or paint them in unusual colours. A relatively small investment such as changing the color of the walls will give the rooms a new look. Refurbish old and worn out furniture — add a coat of car paint spray to completely change the look of your wood furniture.

Start packing and preparing

Crowded rooms seem smaller than they actually are. Start by throwing out unnecessary furniture. Pack the things you don’t use every day and store them away. Buyers like to see as much empty space as possible so they can picture their things filling that space. If your home is full of furniture, toys, family photos or decorations, prospective buyers will have a hard time imagining their life there.

Change the lighting

For a fresh look, install new light bulbs for lighting that fits the different rooms in your home. For example, ambient lighting is ideal for bedrooms, while focused direct light is more effective in workrooms. Use accentuated light to draw focus on the main spots in the room, such as artwork or other ornamental pieces.

Feel free to contact RE/MAX Montenegro representatives to consult about anything you need in a property sale — they’ll help you with presentation of your property and defining a suitable price.