Quarantine lessons – 5 things to look for in your next home

  • 14.May 2020
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After the introduction of the #stayathome orders due to the coronavirus epidemic, we all learned one thing – there are certain things about our homes that we love and those that we love a bit less. If you are thinking of relocating, you might want to reconsider your initial must-have feature list for your new home now that you’ve spent months indoors.

Here are suggestions of features that might come in handy in your next home.

1.     Social spot

Living room is usually the heart of the house, but if not set right, it won’t feel welcoming for family gatherings. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need more space, but rather a more functional layout with appropriate furniture (read: a cozy sofa) which will ensure enough comfort for all family members when spending quality time together.

2.     Access to the outdoors

House with yard and swimming pool, Budva

If you’re living in an apartment with a small terrace (or none at all), you certainly must have wished for a garden of your own at least once in the past two months. The importance of having access to the outdoors without the need of leaving your home is now evident more than ever. This should be a new appreciation when home-buying.

3.     Functional kitchen

If you’re anything like us, home isolation probably made you level-up your cooking skills and become a master chef J . Give your kitchen an extra thought when buying a new property – you might need more working space or even a kitchen-block island.

Modern new villa with garden and swimming pool, Tivat

4.     Extra storage space

Did recent stockpiling of food make you realize you are lacking storage space? As our grocery-buying habits slowly return to normal, you probably won’t be stocking up as much, but having ample storage space is always a good thing to have in your home.

5.     A multi-purpose room

‘Working-from-home’ has become a common term these days and we were all converting our living rooms/dining rooms/children playrooms into temporary home offices. With the world changing completely and the ‘new normal’ affecting the way we do business, investing into a functional home office could be a very smart move right now.


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