Set-up a functional home office

  • 05.April 2020
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The current COVID-19 crisis has made many businesses lock down their offices and start working remotely. Even though ‘working from home’ might sound appealing, it does require a bit of preparation in order to be productive and enjoy your new ‘office’.

Find your perfect spot

Whether you’re living in a house or a small apartment, find an area in your home that you can easily turn into your home office. Ideally, a separate room would be the best solution, but if that’s not possible simply choose a corner of a living or dining room. A desk with your PC/laptop and a comfortable chair are the starting point (working on a sofa makes us less productive actually). Try to get away from distractions such as TV, so you can focus on your work.


Keep all your work gadgets nearby and ready-to-use, such as phone and laptop chargers, external hard drive (this is especially useful if you’re working on your own computer and will need to copy the files to your work computer once you’re back in the office), mic and camera (if you’re computer doesn’t have a built-in one). You’ll probably be attending few conference video calls from time to time, so think about the background – don’t sit in front of a window otherwise your screen will become dark and your colleagues won’t be able to see you during the video conference (unless that’s the effect you want to achieve 🙂 ). Instead choose a bright spot with neutral background to make your face clearly visible.


Bright rooms with plenty of natural light instantly make us feel better, energized and more positive. Adequate lighting is especially important in work areas – it will help you stay focused and be more productive. If your temporary office doesn’t have a window or lacks natural light, try adding a floor lamp to brighten things up and make your work space more enjoyable.

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