Terrace – your personal oasis

  • 29.July 2019
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With a little bit of creativity and ideas, your terrace could become the favorite spot in your home.

Plan the space

Very often a terrace is used for storing unnecessary things in the house when there is no dedicated storage room. To make the terrace functional again first thing you have to do is remove things you don’t use any more and those that you want to keep place in boxes and make that storage area more organized.

Pretty and useful

Add a new paint coat to your walls – try light and pastel shades that will create the feeling of a large space. Choose chairs and tables that can be folded and multi-functional benches that can be used as storage boxes at the same time. Try creating simple DIY shelves which can be hanged on the wall – this will add a unique and personal touch to the space.

Pay attention to the details

Decorating  is the favorite part of home improvement for most of us. Choose interesting carpets or rugs for the floors, add colorful cushions to the sitting area, place a decorative bowl with stones and shells on the table. Let the things you love inspire you. Lanterns and carved candle holders create cozy atmosphere and are always excellent choice for outdoor area. Don’t forget about plants, but pay attention when making a choice – if your terrace is south-oriented then go for a plant that loves lots of sunshine. Otherwise choose plants that don’t need to be exposed to the sun.

Nicely decorated rooms contribute to the overall appeal of the home and make the entire place more pleasant.

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