Why is investing in real estate considered to be the safest type of investment?

  • 13.March 2020
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Investing in real estate is widely recognized as the safest type of long-term investment. Not only that it generates income through rentals or returns your investment through sale (and ideally earns you more money), investment real estate can become a primary home address eventually. Investing in real estate is a smart move especially now when the montenegrin market is strong and the prices are still going up. Just look at Podgorica – over the last six months prices increased by 8% in average. However, these prices are still among the lowest compared to other European capitals.

Which properties have the highest ROI rate?

One-bedroom apartments are definitely highest in demand. Average prices of such properties range from €45.000 to €60.000, depending on location, floor level, orientation, etc. Also, these are the most realistic amounts that they buyers can pay, especially if they’re financing the purchase through a bank loan. If they manage to rent out the property at a price similar to the monthly loan instalment, there are almost no new monthly costs for the buyer since the loan is ‘paying for itself’. These investments pose minimum risk.

However, keep in mind that you will face additional expenses when buying a property, such as property taxes, notary fees, furnishing, insurance, itd. Here you’ll find out more information on these costs or you can contact our agents for more help.


You can choose location based on the type of rental you want to offer. Short-term rentals are very popular on the coast and in the north of the country. However, even though it generates higher income over a shorter period of time, ti also requires more of your time, effort and funds (cleaning, paying commission to Booking or Airbnb, etc.). Long-term rentals are a good option in these areas as well, but not as much as in Podgorica, where the demand for rental apartments is high throughout the entire year.

Is it worth hiring a real estate agency?

If you don’t know the market and lack experience in dealing with real estate, our answer to this question will always be ‘YES’! The agency knows the market well and can offer you more properties, while experienced agents can give you insights on trends and prognosis and help you choose the right investment option. The agent will help you with negotiations, paperwork, purchase procedure and eventually help you rent the property out. Very often we have properties available for sale that are already under a lease agreement. Contact your agent and spare yourself from additonal stress and trouble – these things don’t have a price tag!

RE/MAX Montenegro agents are always available to help you with your real estate needs. You can contact them Monday to Saturday in our offices in Podgorica, Budva, Tivat and Kotor.